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Reliable - Professional - Client Focused 

Non Emergency Patient Transport Service

South Coast Medics have a dedicated fleet of ambulances and cars and flexible 24-7 transport service, our non-emergency patient transport service also focuses on the patients individual’s needs. South Coast Medics service is available to patients, accommodating wheelchair access and stretcher requirements.

We work with a NHS Trusts, Private Hospitals, Dr surgeries and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to provide non-emergency patient transport for patients attending hospital or clinic appointments. Our service is customised to suit the needs required by our  patients as we believe requirements differ between inderviduals, such as hours of time, georaphical area and types of patients transported. South Coast Medics offer a team of dedicated staff, who understand the importance of an efficient service, to provide out of hours discharge services to CCG's and bed managers. 

All our vehicles are operated by fully trained, experience and caring staff. Our High Dependancy crews are extensivley trained to ensure consistancy and reliablity in all situations. 

South Coast Medics PTS service are crewed with Ambulance care Assistnace who have undertaken training and driver training.


Our ambulance care assistances are qualified with basice first aid skill, Oxygen therapy and the are qualified to used an AED, these staff undergo Manual handaling training and regular updates.


Our ambulances are crewed with either a single member of staff for more able bodied patient or a double crewed ambulance for patients who may be stetcher bound, need wheel chair assistance, may need to be carried up or down stairs or patients that just need that extra helping hand with their mobilty.


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